Woo: Main Character

Main Character is a series that embodies a new feel-good genre of entertainment aimed at Gen Z, co-produced by Soursop for our long-term partners at Woo.

This comedic online film series features an artist, a rapper and a dancer from the Dublin underground, telling three interwoven stories of personal growth in a candid stream-of-consciousness style. 

The show is inspired by the TikTok main character trend (“I’m in my main character era”) - where people embrace confidence in themselves and their decisions, living out as the main character in their own lives.

Relatable, optimistic and inclusive, this three-part series - directed by Isolde Penwarden, is set in Dublin, Ireland, and features a series of eccentric, real-life TikTok personalities confronting - and finding the comedy in - real situations from dating disasters to birthday blues. It Reflects Woo’s mission to redefine self-care for Gen Z audiences - the so-called ‘Generation Anxious’.

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In the first episode, ‘Venus Finds Love’, Dublin-based artist Venus is revealed as the ultimate romantic… so on a date she’s willing to be open-minded. But when she finds the real deal can she risk being vulnerable?

In the second episode, ‘Ab Opens Up’, emerging rapper Ab is chilled about most things… except birthdays and saying “I love you”. As that time of year rolls around again, can he let his friends know how he really feels?

In the third episode, ‘Jessie Trusts the Universe’, when dancer Jessie steps onto the floor the stars just seem to align... while the rest of her life is in chaos. Can she learn to trust the process and ride the storm?