About Us

Soursop is a creative agency founded in 2019 that works across advertising, editorial and impact.

Our superpower is being able to cross-pollinate between the different creative industries we work in to ensure our partners can find true cultural relevancy in a crowded and saturated global marketplace. For us cultural relevance is the smartest, and most sustainable way to achieve real business transformation and success.We are obsessed with creating strategies, ideas and work that reaches, moves and lasts with audiences due to our obsession with culturally nuanced, creatively excellent craft.

Platforming and celebrating marginalised and alternative points of view is part of our DNA. You will see it in our teams, our collaborators and the stories we love to tell. It’s what allows us to stay ahead of where trends and pop culture are going. We firmly believe in the power of openness and collaboration when bringing new and ambitious ideas to life. Soursop will always go the extra mile to understand your point of view and the audiences you are trying to reach.

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