The Guardian – Dear Bradford

An intimate portrait of a Bradford, 21 years after race riots that shook the UK


‘Dear Bradford’ follows the journey of Farhaan Mumtaz exactly 21 years after the notorious Bradford riots. This intimate and heartfelt documentary celebrates a complex city and the rich legacy of South Asian communities in the area.

As Farhaan returns to his home during the pandemic, for the first time in a decade, he sits down with his Pakistan-born grandmother to understand more about his family’s own relationship with the city. What emerges is an intimate, complex portrait of a family’s rich legacy, and of growing up in areas still defined by stereotypes. 

Directed by Vivek Vadoliya and produced by the BAFTA and Academy award-winning Guardian Documentaries team, the 20-minute documentary was produced by Soursop, who co-created the idea with Vivek and writers Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock and Farhaan Mumtaz. 

It is part of a continued commitment from Soursop to support, promote and platform creative stories from the South Asian diaspora that would otherwise not be told.